A Step-Up on Two-Factor Authentication

A Step-Up on Two-Factor Authentication

A recent report by Krebs on Security showed that more than 89,000 employees at Google have not been victims of phishing attacks since 2017, thanks to their implementation of 2FA security keys. 2FA or Two-Factor Authentication is a recommended secure method that requires you to provides a password to your online services and also come up with another piece of proof that you are who say you are to log in successfully.

The most common 2FA methods we see is the 6-digit codes that are sent to your mobile devices via text messages or push notifications. A 2FA security key like YubiKey basically takes it up a notch because no matter how strong a password or how complex the authentication is, seasoned hackers will always find a way to compromise any system that sends codes in text messages.

Shape like a metal/plastic key about the size of a USB stick, instead of unlocking a door, a 2FA security key unlocks your digital life online. All you need to do is plug it into your laptop when you’re trying to access your online services like Google, Dropbox, Facebook, or even Windows and MacOS itself, the key adheres to industry standards like U2F and FIDO2 that provides a secure, easy-to-use and durable authentication for your organisation, effectively against phishing attacks. Even if you lose the key or forget it somewhere, you can still use a secure code generator on your phone to complete any 2FA logins.

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