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Who we are and what we do goes far beyond providing technology solutions. Learn how we’re making a difference in the world around us.

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Founded in 2010, Robust HPC set its vision to make the world more efficient. We’re a responsive, client-focused IT solution and managed service provider, helping clients achieve success and transformation through their IT and communications.


To empower you and your company to produce more results with less manual effort, shorter lead time and reduced resource wastage.


To ensure that every project delivers great results; To ensure our customers are fully in control of newly implemented technology; To ensure our customers make the greatest use of the newly implemented technology in their daily operation to achieve greater goals.

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Meet our leadership team

T.A. Yeep

Principal Consultant

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T.A. Yeep

Principal Consultant


An accomplished, versatile and result-driven leader with 12-years+ proven track records in CG production, rendering technologies and enterprise IT solution.

Remarkable problem-solving skills with excellent communication. Active in delivering fulls fledged innovative IT solutions for CG animation studios and corporate customers to resolve technical challenges in an effective and efficient manner.

Leading a SaaS development since early 2017, targeting at providing productivity analysis and automated tasks distribution via seamless integration of Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Ensun Yeep

IT Consultant

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Ensun Yeep

IT Consultant

A self-taught professional with 7 years+ experience in Autodesk software, SME IT solution and CG solution.

Love to motivate people and take challenges, he is always a good listener to clients, colleagues and friends. Ensun focuses on assisting our clients in their hardware and software procurement, as well as arranging training workshops.

Our Story

How we started and move on.


We help clients develop new products and improve their businesses by creating efficient custom software systems.

With our 10+ years experienced engineers and consultants, our services span the entire range of implementing, testing, integrating, deploying and supporting custom systems.

Our work is further enhanced by deep industry sector knowledge, allowing us to both deliver faster and stay focused on what really matters for each client.

Our Clients

We work with a wide range of national and international clients across the private and public sectors.
We pride ourselves in providing the very best quality service and this is demonstrated by our clientele base.


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