Author - Nick Lo

Robust HPC: We’re Back in Action!

Dear valued customers and partners, With CMCO being continued until 9 June, we would like to begin in sending our thoughts and best wishes to everyone - people, families, businesses - who are working together to manage and adapt to COVID-19 in their communities, especially to those who are being directly impacted by the pandemic. Robust HPC will not be opening [...]

Useful Tips for Working & Stay at Home during COVID-19 & MCO

The whole nation is entering the second stage of MCO due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, many companies and public institutions have no choice but to ask their employees to work remotely from home. This may sound like a brilliant idea at first, but most people are just not used to the idea of working away from their offices. [...]

What’s new on EasiShare? (v9.4.0)

EasiShare Web & Desktop New Better Experience with Universal Share Links  Improved experience while sharing files to your colleagues. When the link is clicked in the email, it directs you to a web browser and automatically prompts you to either open the file in EasiShare Desktop or open via web browser.     Improvements Better MS Office Integration   Our development team is very committed to improve the experience for all EasiShare users. Editing MS Office files in EasiShare will be much smoother with the implementation of [...]

Free Access to PTC Vuforia Chalk

Hey PTC users! Sign up via this link and get exclusive FREE access to Vuforia Chalk, a collaborative remote assistance tool that uses augmented reality to help your employees share real-time instructions and guidance without being physically onsite. Happy with Vuforia Chalk? Talk to us today to receive a 12-months subscription of Chalk at no additional costs. Let's find out how Vulforia [...]

Need a COVID-free Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

  Malaysia Government has announced the Movement Control Order (MCO) which many private companies must temporarily close down for the safety and well-being of clients and staff. We trust that many companies have chosen to allow their staff to work from home.   For companies which hosted database, app service, software license server in their on-premise server. VPN is the only quick [...]

COVID-19 Doesn’t Stop Us to Serve You (…remotely)!

Dear Valued Clients, With the Malaysia Movement Order being ordered towards the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Robust HPC is also temporarily closing our office from 18th March 2020 to 31st March 2020 for the safety and well-being of our staffs. However, we are pleased to inform you that our consultants and engineers are ready to continue to serve you remotely [...]

Announcing the New IBM FlashSystem + Offer

Robust HPC is happy to announce one of our partners IBM has released the long-awaited new IBM FlashSystem which is specifically designed for Hybrid Multicloud. Transforming your IT Operations, Business Decisions, Data & Cyber Resiliency becoming even more simple and efficient. Check out our latest offer for the Storage Made Simple Starter Kit.   Business Decisions Made simple   Common enterprise capabilities across on-prem and hybrid multicloud Comprehensive support for bare metal, virtualized, [...]

EasiShare Desktop: What’s New on v9.3.0?

  Important! EasiShare will be performing a required upgrade on our backend servers to support the new features that we will be releasing on 1 February 2020. To enjoy these new features, please upgrade your Client Apps (Desktop and Mobile) after 1st of February.   What's new on EasiShare Desktop Version? (v9.3.0)     EasiShare Desktop New External Recipient Groups EasiShare Desktop Application now allows Grouping in both sharing and requesting [...]