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Adobe Photoshop


30 Hours


Certificate of Completion


Learn from Expert

You’ve got the basics down, and now you’re ready to get serious. You want to achieve work quality similar to top-notch studios.


Well, to go from good to great, you must learn from an industry expert with real experience. Our trainers have experiences ranging from 6-10 years in creating commercial works that shine. You will learn how to work smarter, not harder.


For: Interior Design Student, Interior Architecture Student, Junior 3D Visualizer, Hobbyist.


Programme Module

Review of Core Concept

Viewport configuration

Creating shortcut keys

Useful 3ds Max modifier tools

Modelling of furniture and space detailing

Understanding furniture proportion

Building highly- detailed models for architectural visualization

Adding details to interior spaces

Material Advanced

Quick V-Ray materials setup for photorealistic materials

In-depth setting for V-Ray materials

Creating V-Ray materials library

Assignment: Assigning and adjusting V-ray materials


Creating life-like interior lighting through creative use of V-Ray lighting and HDRI

Scene enhancement with various secret recipes

Assignment: Lighting the Scene


Optimizing render settings

Rendering Presets

Rendering output

Controlling quality

Post-production with Adobe Photoshop

Creating an atmosphere in Architectural Rendering

Enhancing effects for 3D rendering

Using a quick way to apply your imagination in every new rendering

Developing new ideas for professional design suites

Learning to be more adept at meeting your clients’ art requirements

Project on Class: Create your interior space


Every student must complete this Final Project before they graduate.

This is designed to provide you with the experience of creating a professional 3D interior space.

You must design and decorate your own space. Your instructor will help you start the project of your interest by providing the interior space and furniture models.

After receiving feedback and making improvements, this Final Project will form the beginning of your portfolio.

**An Attendance Certificate or Distinction Certificate will be given to you based on your performance in Project on Class.


What You Will Learn


Modelling and texturing

Create your own furniture models and materials.


V-Ray Lighting

Decorate your scenes using light and shadow


Optimizing Render Workflow

Use optimal setting to maximize efficiency



Add details to interior spaces with modifiers



Enhance your render with Photoshop


Pro tips

Learn the key knowledges that make you an expert


Who should attend this course?

Experienced 3ds Max users who seek productive workflows

Those wanting to create photorealistic interior 3D renderings with industry workflow

Let’s Get Ready for Your Future!

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