Robust HPC offers competitive price for Azure Reserved Instance. Besides, we also provide professional workload migration service to move your on-premise workloads to Azure seamlessly.


Why using Azure Reservations?

If you have consistent Azure resource usage that supports reservations, buying a 1-year or 3-year reservation gives you an option to reduce your costs by up to 72% compared to pay-as-you-go prices.

The resources are no longer charged at the pay-as-you-go rates. You can pay for a reservation upfront or on a monthly basis.


Why Buying from Robust HPC?

Buying from Robust HPC gives you a hassle-free experience.

If at any point your business needs change, you may want to cancel a reservation and get a refund or exchange a reservation’s prorated refund amount to be used toward the price of a new reservation.

In both scenarios, Robust HPC handles the tedious process for you, enabling you to stay focus on your business matters.

Ready to get started?

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