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Robust HPC: Announcing Our New Look!

New Design, Same Passion Check Out Our New Look! - We have just revamped our entire website with a brand new design! It has a bold new look that reflects our passion for what we do and for our customers. - The new design communicates our ongoing commitment to helping you get where you want to go. Whether you need to spark ideas from [...]

Why You Should Get Rid of Your IT Inventory Excel Spreadsheet

When tasked with keeping track of the network devices in an organisation, many IT professionals instinctively open a fresh Excel sheet, punch in their assets, and build from there. Others will search for "IT inventory Excel template" or "Managing hardware in Excel" to give them a head start. Spreadsheets are familiar, easy to whip up and scalable... right? But [...]

What’s New on EasiShare (v9.0.3)?

Important! We will be performing a required upgrade on our backend servers to support the new features that we will be releasing on 15 June 2019. To enjoy these new features, please upgrade your Client Apps (Desktop) after 15 June. We always strive to make your experience with EasiShare even better.Enjoy our latest updates! What's new on EasiShare? (v9.0.3)   EasiShare Web Recipient Import and Export EasiShare Web allows [...]

Secure Digital Transformation Event

On behalf of Robust and InspireTech, we would like to thank you for taking the time off your busy schedule to attend the Secure Digital Transformation event on the  Last week on 29th of May, orchestrated and organised by Robust and InspireTech (Singapore-based corporation) has successfully held the “Secure Digital Transformation" seminar with our honourable guests at the Sheraton Hotel, [...]

Cybersecurity Awareness for Employees

In an effort to further enhance a company’s cyber defences, we want to highlight a common cyber-attack that everyone should be aware of – phishing. "Phishing" is the most common type of cyber attack that affects organizations like ours. Phishing attacks can take many forms, but they all share a common goal – getting you to share sensitive information such [...]

Free Content Download: Ransomware Prevention

Hit by Ransomware? Don't know what to do? Should you pay? Can't recover files? If you’re one of the thousands who's looking for answers, we hope this whitepaper would aid you to learn how to deal with these prominent threats and work out a plan to prevent them ahead of time. Knowing your "enemy" will help your organisation go through [...]