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We are an aspired IT team focused on delivering innovative high-quality IT solution and managed services to our customers. You will be working in an open culture, leadership building and result-driven environment that helps drive your personal growth.

If you love to be different, striving for outstanding achievement and be adventurous with latest technologies, you will find Robust HPC a great place to kick start your journey to be an extraordinary IT warrior.


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Junior IT Support Engineer

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One of the most important components of a great job is the work environment. Our big, cozy and sunlit office is situated on one of the top floors of the office building between Paradigm Mall and the Kelana Jaya LRT station.

To wrap it up, we are really proud of working at Robust HPC, as this company gives us various opportunities for gaining new skills and knowledge, advancing our careers and making the IT world better for us and our customers. Competitive salaries are also a part of the equation too.

Thus said, feel free to check our open vacancies — and maybe Robust HPC will become your next work destination and family outside of the home!


Working at Robust HPC

Medical Claims

We value our employees, their health and their family’s health. We take pride in the benefits package we’ve designed, and providing great health coverage to every employee.

Personal Assurance

We value our employees, their health and their family’s health. We take pride in the benefits package we’ve designed and provided great health coverage to every employee.

Flexible Working Hours

We’re introducing new ways of working to create a flexible environment that values openness and adaptability and balance work-life relations.

Learning Support

Continous learning is what drives Robust HPC forward. We encourage you to learn by providing sponsorship to courses and seminar, incentive for achievement and personal coaching that is not limited to job related knowledge, but a wide range of knowledge that help you growth at personal level too.