R.I.P Windows 7 Today

  IT'S OFFICIAL! Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on January 14, 2020 today. That means no new features, no support for new hardware, and most importantly no new security updates. If you are still running a Windows 7 computer, you have to change computers or upgrade to Windows 10 – full stop, end of the story. It is unlikely that there [...]

Advantages of Upgrade to Windows 10

  More Secure When updated release out by Microsoft will automate running at background of the system to help your security become more secure and up to date without you having to do anything.      Live Tiles Live tiles in Windows 10 display information that is useful at a glance without opening an app. For example, the News tile displays headlines while the Weather tile displays the forecast.     Features help easier Windows 10 [...]

Do You Want To Take Your Business To Another Professional Level?

  Effective Solution, Positive Results In a fast-moving industry where you are often faced with tight deadlines, time management is of the essence to remain competitive. Managing multiple projects simultaneously can be highly challenging. Distributed and Network Rendering Course inJust 6 Hours(V-Ray with 3dsMax, Maya, SketchUp) This course that's focused on computer power management, will also train you to efficiently manage multiple projects so [...]

Robust HPC: Announcing Our New Look!

New Design, Same Passion Check Out Our New Look! - We have just revamped our entire website with a brand new design! It has a bold new look that reflects our passion for what we do and for our customers. - The new design communicates our ongoing commitment to helping you get where you want to go. Whether you need to spark ideas from [...]

What’s New on EasiShare (v9.0.3)?

Important! We will be performing a required upgrade on our backend servers to support the new features that we will be releasing on 15 June 2019. To enjoy these new features, please upgrade your Client Apps (Desktop) after 15 June. We always strive to make your experience with EasiShare even better.Enjoy our latest updates! What's new on EasiShare? (v9.0.3)   EasiShare Web Recipient Import and Export EasiShare Web allows [...]

Secure Digital Transformation Event

On behalf of Robust and InspireTech, we would like to thank you for taking the time off your busy schedule to attend the Secure Digital Transformation event on the  Last week on 29th of May, orchestrated and organised by Robust and InspireTech (Singapore-based corporation) has successfully held the “Secure Digital Transformation" seminar with our honourable guests at the Sheraton Hotel, [...]

New Partnership with Lansweeper!

Robust HPC is proud to announce that we’ve become an official partner to Lansweeper. We are excited to bring the automated network inventory, discovery and asset management solution to Malaysia SMEs. This is an important step in envisioning excellence, innovation, and aim to provide the best customer experiences. About #Lansweeper Nowadays it is challenging to running a successful company without the help [...]