“A 1-hour 24-bit 4K video @ 60fps is approx. 5.3TB per video, transferring it over a 1Gbps network is taking around 13 hours.

On an entry-level ROBUSTstorage system, it only takes around 1.6 hours and less than 15 mins on a higher end system.”

Video resolution is increasingly higher with the advance in display and network technologies. While 4K is gaining its momentum to become the standard in consumer space, VR and 8K video are coming up next.

Most studio and post-production facilities are dealing with bigger data sizes than ever before, bringing new challenges in handling uncompressed data output and optimizing the file sharing between team members to ensure no impact on productivity.

A similar data growth trend is seen in CCTV deployment too. With computer vision and video analytic in place, 1080p resolution is no longer enough.

Moving up to 4K resolution while keeping compliance in check with long-term retention, the ordinary storage system is inadequate to provide optimal performance for the new requirements.


Creative media / video storage for:

Frequent access to a large library of video files by many users.

Video editors who work in a team and exchange files massively.

Large deployment of CCTV network with more than 200 cameras and 3-months retention period.


Creative Media/Video Storage highlights


Throughput starting from 1GB/s to 40GB/s


Run on 10/40/100/200Gbps network bandwidth


As low as 300ns network latency


Scale out to multi-Petabyte without downtime


Powerful backend storage for Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform. Check out Robust DAM solution for more information.

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