Scale Up Your Business with Better Financial Planning

Spending a hefty budget on IT equipment and server technologies are inevitable in this digital age.

Your employees rely on good performance equipment and software to stay productive and be efficient at work. Many have tried opt-for lower cost IT equipment and solution, but it turned out to be slashing the overall performance of the business and increased user support cost drastically.

With Robust HPC financing, we provide you a cost-effective way to acquire IT equipment to keep your business running at desired performance.

In addition, we assist you in managing IT lifecycle and refreshing your IT equipment at the right moment in a cost efficient, effective, secure and sustainable way.

Server + Software

24/36 months lease-to-own tenures with low interest rate.

Enterprise & All-Flash Storage

Option 1: 0% interest, 12 months tenure. Option 2: Pay for capacity used only and scale up anytime.

Server Hardware

12/24/36 months lease-to-own with low interest rate.

Laptop & Desktop PC

Get to use new system for 6/12 months rental with attractive low cost.

What's the Benefits to your Business?

Low Interest Rate

Lease to Own

Simple Application Process


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