How Can Synology Protected Your Data From Disaster Problem + Christmas Promo

How Can Synology Protected Your Data From Disaster Problem + Christmas Promo

Keep your data safe and sound with these backup and security solutions

Hard drives fail. Computers get infected by viruses. Mobile devices break or disappear. Ask yourself, if one of these accidents happened to you, would your files be safe? Be it your home videos or business documents, your data deserves a great protection solution, so your files — your memories — stay with you forever.



Regularly back up your devices

You can back up specific folders on your computer in real-time with Cloud Station, or take advantage of Apple’s Time Machine, and other third-party backup applications. If anything happens to your devices, your files will be safe on Synology NAS.



Back up your data to an off-site location

When it comes to protecting important files, businesses can never be too safe. Unexpected events like thievery or a natural disaster can wipe out your data infrastructure, leaving your business paralyzed. To prevent such situations, Synology NAS lets you easily back up data to an off-site destination, such as another Synology NAS or Rsync-compatible servers.

Store archived data in the cloud

For home users or small businesses, purchasing dedicated equipment for off-site backup might be impractical. For such users, Synology NAS makes it easy to back up data directly to various cloud storage services, such as Amazon S3, Glacier, Microsoft Azure, OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Keep commonly used files on your Synology NAS for guaranteed fast access, while archiving old files in the cloud. 



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