How ESET Can Protect Your Organisation

How ESET Can Protect Your Organisation


Reasons to Choose ESET

ESET Business Solution provides you with a simple and straightforward way to help mix and match your endpoint protection according to your needs while deploying it on a range of platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux & Android). ESET is designed with ease of use that allows you to easily deploy, configure, and manage your security software from a single console. Just one person, using ESET Security Management Center, can oversee all of your IT security cost-effectively in real-time, from a single location.


What could ESET bring to your organisation?

Full Protection

HIPS monitors system activity and uses a pre-defined set of rules to recognise suspicious system behaviour. It is highly effective against aggravating malware threats and remove them immediately. ESET will also provide email protection which provides anti-phishing and anti-spam features to your inbox.


Web Control

Web Control can help prevent users from accessing pages with inappropriate or harmful content, or pages that may have a negative impact on work productivity, e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, and others.

Device Control

Device Control allows you to scan, block or adjust extended filters and/or permissions and define a user’s ability to access and work with a given device. This is useful if the computer administrator wants to prevent the use of devices containing unsolicited content. Thus preventing data loss by human behaviours.


Low System Demand

ESET takes out very minimum resources in the background, making them suitable for older hardware, thus saving IT-related costs while ensuring your computers are always running at their peak performance without interruptions.


Centralized Management

Easily deploy, configure, and manage not just ESET security but 3rd party software as well from our web console. Monitor and respond to all your security-related events, including logs from antivirus, firewall, web/device control, and others, all-in-one place.



ESET Unilicense lets you mix & match your endpoint protection to a different OS (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android) anytime with just a few clicks without having to purchase additional licenses, thus saving a substantial amount of your company budget.


If we’ve got your attention,  we are happy to set up a free consultation session with your company to talk about:

  • Company Introduction
  • Your current challenges and vision
  • Our feasible solutions for you 
  • Free Trial
  • Happy ending! (We hope)


Thanks for taking your time reading this and we are eager to receive your feedback. Hear from you soon!

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