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Traditionally, HPC cluster is complicated and out of reach by many. Robust HPC has designed a turnkey HPC cluster solution that made the technologies possible for small research teams and highly scalable for big research & development organizations.

Our HPC cluster is preconfigured and ready to use out-of-the-box to accelerate any compute-intensive or large memory computation task that runs in parallel, resulting in a tremendous reduction of time to result which enable your team to stay ahead of the competition with a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Powered by an industry-leading workload scheduler and powerful parallel filesystem that handles multi-petabytes and billions of files with massive IOPS, low latency and high throughput, we delivered an unmatched performance for large-scale deployment.

Application integration service and user training are available as part of our HPC solution.


HPC is one of the most powerful tools you can use to gain more insight and maximise your investments.


Turnkey solution


Application integration service


User-friendly UI


Professional Support & Maintenance


Smart resources management


Process Flow Design Tool


Multi-boot support


High-throughput storage system: Real world performance starting from 5GB+/s to 40GB+/s or more.


HPC Cluster for:

AI Workload

Genomics Analysis

Reservoir Simulation

Geospatial Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD)

Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)

3D Raytracing

Big Data Analytic

Video Analytic

VRED Cluster for Automotive Design

Connecting a VRED workstation to a cluster not only could speed up the render time, allowing more still images to completed in less amount of time, it also made possible to run real-time presentation of your design at high FPS with Raytracing and Antialiasing turned on.

However, it might not be easy for a designer or general IT team to set up the cluster as it involves a wide range of IT + Computer Graphics knowledge,

For example, it would generally include making the cluster serving render farm function to CGI artists at the same time to yield a higher ROI. In that case, system components such as a high-performance storage cluster, multi-gigabits networking etc would be in place which further complicated the setup

We are ready to assist you in setting up the cluster now or in the future. Best of all, we’re not just an ordinary system integration team, we also provide consulting and planning service which could collaborate with your team as earlier as in the idea stage to help you establishing user requirements and business use cases.

A bit of achievement:
In Jan 2019, we managed to run VRED presentation on a HTC Vive Pro over a cluster with Raytracing and Antialiasing turned on @ 12 FPS. This is never possible on a single workstation regardless of single or dual processors.

Featured Software Stack

We work with the following software

By teaming up with the best in the industry, we’re able to create solutions that add value to your world.

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Quickly build and manage heterogeneous high-performance Linux cluster with NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager that hosts HPC, machine learning and analytics applications that span from core-to-edge-to-cloud.

munu-logo 1

A powerful (5000+ nodes), highly customizable render farm platform that support industrial design software such as VRED.

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A complete workload management solution for demanding HPC environments.

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An open source, fault-tolerant, and highly scalable cluster management and job scheduling system for large and small Linux clusters.


Integrated with your favorite apps

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Entry-level Turn-key Cluster for Oil & Gas, FEA and Engineering


Entry-level Turn-key Cluster for AI/Genomics


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