Transform your business with high-performance computing cloud

High-performance computing (HPC) enables users to solve complex, computationally demanding business, engineering and scientific problems through computer modeling, simulation and analysis. The applications used in HPC require high bandwidth, enhanced networking and robust compute capabilities.

With purpose-built HPC infrastructure, solutions, and optimized application services, Robust HPC provides a fully integrated cluster environment and offers competitive prices across various industry verticals, supporting both CPU & GPU.


Bring the latest of HPC at scale to solve your complex challenges


Non-Hyperthreading physical cores on bare-metal compute node


Zero cost to integrate your software into our environment, fully done by our engineers.


No egress data charges.

Yes, bandwidth is free and guarantee no hidden cost.


Integrated Altair PBS Pro/SLURM scheduler, MPI & CUDA, and others.

Fully tuned to fit your requirements.


Non-sharing bare-metal computing power ensuring truly high-performance.


Auto-sync data with your on-premise storage, no manual upload/download is required.


Dedicated GPU with a wide range of choices of model.

Model including RTX 2080Ti, Titan RTX, Quadro RTX, Tesla T4, Tesla V100 PCIe/SXM2, and etc. A40, A100 & DGX is available, call us to discuss.


Our HPC cloud infrastructure consisting of:

Mellanox 100G Ethernet or Infiniband network with RDMA and RoCE enabled

1Gbps large bandwidth to our data center

Enterprise-grade firewall

Integrated workload scheduler

High-throughput parallel filesystem powered by Spectrum Scale, the storage system technology that powered one of the World’s fastest supercomputer – Summit at Oak Ridge National Laboratory


HPC Cluster Cloud for Data Science and Research

We provide a complete solution to build and run your HPC cluster, from single to tens of thousands of server nodes.

Planning and Design

Our team guides you through the designing of the head node, compute node, resource utilization.

Server hardware

We provide a highly customizable server with tested compatibility.

Workload scheduler deployment

Installation, configuration and fine-tuning.


Multi-gigabits network with either copper or fiber.

Application UI development

Create or customize application UI for an intuitive and smooth user’s job submission.

Maintenance and Support

8×5 or 24×7 L1 & L2 local support.

User Applications

We support most of the HPC software even though it is not listed here.
Please contact us to arrange for installation of your software at zero cost.

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Expanding Access to Full-Performance HPC Through the Cloud

Robust HPC offers three pricing options to help simplify budgets.

Robust HPC Cloud CPU Pricing

Note: 6% SST applicable to all prices listed above, except for partner under SST group G.

Robust AI Cloud GPU Pricing

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