Need a COVID-free Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

Need a COVID-free Virtual Private Network (VPN)?


Malaysia Government has announced the Movement Control Order (MCO) which many private companies must temporarily close down for the safety and well-being of clients and staff. We trust that many companies have chosen to allow their staff to work from home.


For companies which hosted database, app service, software license server in their on-premise server. VPN is the only quick and easy option to allow external access to the server in a secure way. Remote Desktop access might look like a good way to connect back to your office, but it possesses more risk that you have thought of such as Encryption Attacks, Man-in-the-Middle Attacks (MiTM) or even Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks (DDoS) that compromise your critical data.




Remote Control

  • Access to any designated devices easily even from home or from any other place.                            
Data Access
  • Access to company servers such as database, software license, app services easily to allow you to work remotely from home.



Enhanced Security

  • The connection is securely encrypted.
  • Security policies remained the same as how your team works in the office.
  • Data requests is encrypted to ensure that only your VPN client and server can read them.                                                        


Affordable Cost

  • Once a VPN network is created, the maintenance cost is very low.
  • A VPN tunnel can be set up between your office server with unlimited users within your budget.

How about Remote Desktop? Can I use other Remote Desktop solutions instead of VPN?
  • Remote Desktop let you sign on to a remote computer using the keyboard and mouse while viewing the screen much as if “you are there”. You cannot work directly from your home PC / laptop. Not to mention application services hosted on-premises will not be accessible.
  • Access via RDP (specifically refer to the Remote Desktop Connection that uses port 3389) is exposing your entire network to a ransomware attack. This is the port used by WannaCry, especially if you’re still using unsupported Windows 7 without any latest patches done.
  • Lack of an overview of connected users posted a challenge to IT and security management.


Contact us today to understand more, or engage our team to help set up a VPN access for you in just less than 30 minutes.


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