New Partnership with Lansweeper!

New Partnership with Lansweeper!

Robust HPC is proud to announce that we’ve become an official partner to Lansweeper. We are excited to bring the automated network inventory, discovery and asset management solution to Malaysia SMEs. This is an important step in envisioning excellence, innovation, and aim to provide the best customer experiences.

About #Lansweeper

Nowadays it is challenging to running a successful company without the help of an extensive IT infrastructure and equipment. However, one of the most laborious tasks for any system administrator is to keep track of the changes of all hardware devices within the environment, what and where they are and who is using them. Relying on manually updated data spreadsheets only results in scores of obsolete information. Lansweeper offers you a complete and accurate overview of what is going on in your network, automating your network inventory completely with its agentless deep scan technology.

About #RobustHPC

Robust HPC is a system integration, managed service and solution provider specialized in Enterprise IT and High-Performance Computing (HPC). With a solid understanding of mechanical, process and business intelligence issues and knows-how to integrate these disciplines seamlessly into a working system, Robust HPC is highly acclaimed for implementing enterprise solutions that lead to the greater success of customers. Robust HPC is a team you could engage at an early stage of your IT project, providing insights that establish a strong foundation which increases your project’s success rate.

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