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IBM Spectrum Scale is a high-performance, highly available, clustered file system and associated management software, available on a variety of platforms. IBM Spectrum Scale can scale in several dimensions, including performance (bandwidth and IOPS), capacity and number of nodes* (instances) that can mount the file system.

IBM Spectrum Scale addresses the needs of applications whose performance (or performance-to capacity ratio) demands cannot be met by traditional scale-up storage systems; and IBM Spectrum Scale is therefore deployed for many I/O-demanding enterprise applications that require high performance or scale.

Simple building blocks for IBM Spectrum Scale

IBM Elastic Storage Server is a modern implementation of software-defined storage, combining IBM
Spectrum Scale software with IBM POWER8® processor-based I/O-intensive servers and dual-ported
storage enclosures.


The advantages of IBM Spectrum Scale

Extreme scalability

Leverage no-bottleneck architecture to scale performance for extreme throughput and low-latency access not expected from network-attached storage.

Enable global collaboration

Enable data-anywhere access that spans storage and locations to accelerate applications from edge to data center to cloud and around the world.

Data integrity and security

Take advantage of authentication, encryption, security, erasure coding and replication options to meet your business and regulatory requirements.

Data aware intelligence

Allow Spectrum Scale to grow and share your storage infrastructure while automatically moving file and object data to the optimal storage tier as quickly as possible.


What's new for IBM Spectrum Scale

Kubernetes and IBM Spectrum Scale

Container Native Storage access now containerizes IBM Spectrum Scale access and clusters data from high-performance Spectrum Scale nodes.

Cloudera and IBM Spectrum Scale

IBM Spectrum Scale Hadoop connector now supports Cloudera Analytics.

Advanced File Management (AFM) for Object storage

Native object storage is now part of the high-performance global file system and provides NVMe access to object storage data.

One-click integration to IBM Cloud Pak for Data and IBM Watson

Real-time ingest to IBM Spectrum Discover creates more value for AI workflows.


High performance enterprise storage for:

Red Hat OpenShift hybrid cloud applications

AI and ML Workloads and Analytics

High performance video, IoT or Digital Data Access

Parallel performance for NVIDIA, Cloudera, SAS Grid

HPC and high performance workloads

Enterprise Collaboration when performance matters

IBM Elastic Storage System

IBM Elastic Storage System (ESS) is a modern implementation of software-defined storage, making it easier for you to deploy fast, highly scalable storage for AI and big data.

IBM Elastic Storage Server: Building blocks small and large


Key Features of the IBM Elastic Storage Server


IBM Spectrum Scale RAID


Unified storage


Manage and Gain Insights from Massive Amounts of Data


True scale out capability


Global Sharing and Collaboration


Hadoop connector


Policy-Based Tiering and Compression Quality of Service


Integrated and modular


Transform CAPEX to OPEX


HortonWorks certified


IBM Elastic Storage System 3000



IBM Elastic Storage System 3200 data sheet

IBM Storage for Data and AI Data Sheet

IBM Storage for Data and AI
Data Sheet

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