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Put Back Control into Your Own Hands

When companies let employees have unrestricted access to business-critical data, it often causes trouble.
Safetica DLP solves this by providing information about the users who work with sensitive data and exactly what they do with it.

Site Access Monitoring

Safetica delivers clearly organised statistics of the most frequently visited websites and the amount of time spent during working hours.

Website Categorization

Which websites visited by employees relate to their work and which don’t? Leave the categorization on Safetica and save your managers’ time.

Email Monitoring

Do your employees communicate actively or even send business-critical data to the competitors? Expose what kind of emails they send during working hours.

IM Monitoring

Employees may abuse instant messaging clients during working hours. Have a general record to obtain a more detailed idea of the content with intelligent screen scanning.

Monitoring of Work with Files

Even if an employee is authorized to access company data, they might misuse it and becomes a potential threat. Safetica collects evidence and provides a detailed overview.

Intelligent Screen Record

Safetica’s Intelligent Screen Record records unwanted activities to serve as a precise proof of what really happened on the screen to eliminate suspicions of employees.


KeyLogger records text in context with applications and works in the background that offers you an overview of what a user writes on the keyboard.

Search Monitoring

One of the most frequent activities employee doing is browsing, but they might be looking for a new job or searching for sensitive files, Safetica will able to track these searches.

Employee Profiling

Employees’ behaviour may change over time. By means of profiling, managers will be able to expose habits and changes in behaviours that could help with the evaluation.

Safetica DLP Highlights

Role Permissions

Provide Permissions based on Roles

Thanks to Safetica Endpoint Supervisor, you can now easily determinate which website or applications or sets of data that your employees are allowed to visit (whitelisting) and respectively which will be blocked for them (blacklisting).

This helps to avoid wasting employee’s working time or breaking the law by employees’ participation in illegal activities.

Device Control

Control over USB, Bluetooth, FireWire, Serial and Parallel Ports

Safetica checks access and respectively prohibits the connection of peripheral devices connected to the PC. You can protect company computers against the installation of unwanted applications and viruses from devices brought by employees and you will prevent them from taking sensitive information on unauthorized and unsecured devices home.

You can, for example, prohibit all USB devices and gradually authorize only devices approved by a manager for specific employees.

Safetica Architecture

An overview of the platform

Safetica Endpoint Security is a software-based on a client-server architecture. This architecture consists of a client (Safetica Endpoint Client), a server part (Safetica Endpoint Service), a database (MS SQL with a large installation, SQLite with a small installation) and an administrator console (Safetica Management Console).


Safetica DLP has its unique features that may be crucial to your business. Consult our experts today to learn more about how to safeguard your data.

Safetica DLP Features Preview

This is a short preview to show you how Safetica DLP can provide contextual protection of data at the endpoint level to prevent erroneous or malicious actions which might lead to sensitive files leaving a company.

Safetica Protection Explained

See how Safetica can protect you from both accidental and intentional data leaks.

Safetica Auditor Explained

Discover how people really work with Safetica. Find data threats, weaknesses, and productivity holes quickly and easily

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