Hundreds of times faster than traditional FTP

5G technology is now pushing the digital transformation of the whole society, whether it is the concepts of Big Data, Cloud Computing or IoT are now no longer pie in the sky, but are gradually changing from abstract to concrete in our reality.

Enter Raysync, the highly reliable and secure transmission protocol that helps enterprises to deal with the challenges of large files, mass files and transnational files transmissions.

Making the file transfer process safe and efficiently away from the problems of transmission rate and network environment.


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Benchmark and Comparison

A quick example of Raysync Excellent Transfer Speed

Raysync vs FTP Protocol

Sample benchmark of Transnational Large File Transmissions

• Source: Hong Kong, China
• Receiver: New York, East US
• Platform: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
• Configuration: 8 Cores 8GB RAM
• Bandwidth 200 MB/s


Remote Collaboration Storage Key Features

Utilize and optimize the network bandwidth up to 95% to transfer large files or vast number of small files over long distances at maximum speed.

Utilize bank-standard AES-256 encryption and SSL encryption technology for secure files transfer.

Adopt checkpoint resume, error re-transfer, intelligent synchronization, and other mechanisms to ensure the reliability and stability of file transfer.

Support point-to-point, multi-point mutual transmission, one-to-many file distribution and other modes.

By adopting file access fine-grained rights and right sharing, files transfer, and storage of files can be effectively managed to ensure the security of sensitive information.

Support the mainstream operating systems and cloud platform operating systems, such as Unix, Linux, Windows, and Google Cloud, AWS S3, Azure, etc.


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