Robust HPC: Tips and Tricks for Mastering OFFICE 365 (Part 2)

Robust HPC: Tips and Tricks for Mastering OFFICE 365 (Part 2)

Hello Everyone!

You probably know that you can do many fantastic things using Office 365, but have not yet learned how to maximize its potential. Our consultants at Robust have prepared some neat tips at your disposal to help you leverage the powerful technology to improve your workflow.

Microsoft Outlook



Stay in the creative flow with inking in Outlook – Inking in Outlook enables you to use your digital pen or finger to annotate and make notes. You can also easily mark up photos and images directly in your emails. To get started, select the Draw tab on the ribbon to see all your new pens and start inking. You can locate the Draw by selecting File> Option> Customize ribbon & ticks the “Draw’’ column.


Microsoft PowerPoint



Bring your ideas to life with new 3D models
– 3D in Office allows anyone to easily communicate their ideas by inserting their own 3D models or selecting one from our library of content.

Microsoft OneDrive



Personal Vault
–  Is the latest advancement in OneDrive’s suite of security features, which also includes file encryption at rest and in transit, suspicious sign-in monitoring, ransomware detection and recovery, mass file deletion notification and recovery, virus scanning on downloads for known threats, password protected sharing links, and version history for all file types. 

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