Robust HPC: Tips and Tricks for Mastering Office 365 (Part 1)

Robust HPC: Tips and Tricks for Mastering Office 365 (Part 1)


Hello Everyone!

You probably know that you can do many fantastic things using Office 365, but have not yet learned how to maximize its potential. Our consultants at Robust have prepared some neat tips at your disposal to help you leverage the powerful technology to improve your workflow.


Microsoft Excel



Intelligent Suggestions with Ideas – “Ideas” is an AI-powered insights service that helps people take advantage of the full power of Office. Simply click the lightning bolt icon in Excel or PowerPoint Online and Ideas will start making recommendations. 


Microsoft Word



Collaborate with Confidence using Version History – Office 365 enables real-time typing and sharing with your teammates. To see list of previous versions of your files, open up the History pane by selecting File > History. You can easily scroll to see who edited your file and how the file evolved over time.



Microsoft Teams



Video Conference on Microsoft Teams  – We mentioned to you before that you can do video conference meetings in Teams. Did you know that you could also replace your background during video chats and increasing inclusivity with live captions and subtitles during Teams meetings?


Looking for more tips & tricks? Stay tuned for our upcoming newsletter! If you have any questions regarding Office 365, please contact us on [email protected].


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