Robust HPC:Lansweeper scans anti-virus information

Robust HPC:Lansweeper scans anti-virus information

By default, Lansweeper includes a number of reports that provide information on your Windows computers’ anti-virus setup, to help you identify vulnerabilities in your network. These reports can be found in the Reports menu of the web console. An individual computer’s anti-virus information can also be found in the Summary and Software\Antivirus tabs of the computer’s Lansweeper webpage. Lansweeper can detect both whether a Windows computer has anti-virus software installed and what the status of the anti-virus software is.


Anti-virus status: enabled/disabled and up-to-date/out-of-date

Lansweeper pulls most Windows computer data from WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), a management framework built into Windows operating systems. An anti-virus software’s status is pulled from the AntiVirusProduct WMI class, found in the \root\SecurityCenter or \root\SecurityCenter2 (Windows Security Center) namespace. WMI stores bit (SecurityCenter) or hexadecimal (SecurityCenter2) values indicating whether the anti-virus software is enabled/disabled and up-to-date/out-of-date. Hex values are converted by Lansweeper to bit values as well. A value of 0 means that the anti-virus software is disabled/out-of-date; a value of 1 means that the anti-virus software is enabled/up-to-date.


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