Secure Digital Transformation Event

Secure Digital Transformation Event

On behalf of Robust and InspireTech, we would like to thank you for taking the time off your busy schedule to attend the Secure Digital Transformation event on the 

Last week on 29th of May, orchestrated and organised by Robust and InspireTech (Singapore-based corporation) has successfully held the “Secure Digital Transformation” seminar with our honourable guests at the Sheraton Hotel, PJ. The event has not only brought new insights into the popular buzzword – “Digital Transformation” by our consultants from the industry, but we’ve also provided modern solutions delivered by EasiShare. On top of that, we’re also honoured to invite a guest speaker from IBM to share about the science behind IBM’s Object Storage Solution.

Here’s a summary of what was covered:

  • The capabilities of EasiShare and what it can do to power up your collaboration
  • The enterprise level of security it provides with air-gapped architecture
  • How to seamlessly integrate it into your organization
  • IBM’s 99.9999999% Object Storage Solution

If you’ve missed this event but is interested to join our events in the future, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or our blog page for latest news, events and product announcements. We appreciate any feedback that you have provided and we hope you gained useful insights on Secure Digital Transformation with EasiShare.

Click here to download collaterals from the event.

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