Managed IT Services

6 Ways That Our Managed IT Services Could Help Your Business

Getting the right partner to solve ever-increasing IT challenges allow business owners more time to focus on generating income. And that’s what Robust want to help you achieve.

Below are the top reasons why a business may require the services of an IT consultant.

Our managed services help your business to acquire professional services and advice from not just an individual IT expert, but multiple certified IT specialists behind the scenes to carefully analyse, verify and bring forward a satisfying proposition to help businesses adjust their operations in line with the advancement of technologies. 

Hiring a permanent IT staff is expensive, especially for startups or SMBs. In contrast, Robust HPC provides options of only charging IT services based on the amount of work done for a company based on service tokens or provide weekly IT maintenance services based on our clients’ needs, which in turn helped them saved a substantial amount of hiring costs.

An established IT consultant can have a wide expanded network of valuable allies and notable service providers with proven solutions for your businesses. The role of consultant advocates the best interests of the client and plays a vital watchdog role to ensure that these solutions are implemented based on what the client needs, not what the provider sells.

Internal IT professionals may be too busy managing daily operations to monitor data operations keenly. We can help advise businesses on secured technologies and identify any existing loopholes in the system that may lead to a security breach. In a time of crisis, we assist clients to perform damage containment and data recovery to avoid long system downtime.

Some technical issues or crisis may be too overwhelming for an internal IT department to solve. For businesses that do not have an IT team to counter these damages, it gets even worst. Engaging a managed IT services as your backup strategy can be very helpful as many of our specialists are trained-ready to respond to a crisis like these.

The fact that businesses need to scale resources up or down on demand, scalability is vital to support business growth and development. As a company expands, it should anticipate unexpected hurdles, one being when technology requirements outgrow available resources. Robust HPC proactively explores enhancements for improvement in support of the client’s key business objectives.

Our Managed IT Services

Good IT Support Builds Good Business.

At Robust, we focus on building trust with our clients for long and fruitful business relationships. When it comes to IT support, we focus on supporting the people using the machines. Whether it’s your office router or your business’s data privacy, rest assured that Robust HPC will redefine IT support for you.

On-Site / Remote Support

Ever face an IT issue that needs to be resolved quickly?
Depending on your delivery needs, our technicians are ready to troubleshoot your issues promptly by travelling to your office or simply by remote agents.

Managed Antivirus / DLP

We offer remote monitoring & management services integrated with our antivirus/DLP solutions that help you stay up to date with the latest cyber threats with monthly reports but also prevents data leak using sophisticated heuristic checks and behavioural scanning.

Resident Engineer

Robust also supplies resident engineer that fully adhere to your company policies while managing its HR costs. The engineer is always supported by the knowledge of multiple certified IT specialists at Robust.

Preventive Maintenance

Prevention is always better than cure, thus we build redundancy into our support. Rest assured that EBS actively eliminate risks to your environment, today and into the future.

Managed Backup / DR

Our RobustProtect™ solution works across Windows, macOS, Linux which makes restoring data easy. Individual files and folders can be quickly restored from any type of backup (file, image, virtual machine) to its original state at your choice.

IT Security Policy

Quality IT support demands relevance to your business. Robust’s Support is tailored for your organisational structure, and operational workflow. Goodbye to template proposals, and say hello to customised IT policies!

Your Ideal Choice

Robust does not only provide network maintenance service, but you can also rely on us to manage your whole IT operation, such as IT asset inventory management, yearly IT budget planning, data protection & recovery plan, network infrastructure design & deployment and computer troubleshooting.


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