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Our Expertise

Hybrid Cloud Integration

Modernize your infrastructure to enable access anywhere, scale out anytime

App Development

Streamline your workflow in a highly connected environment to increase user base and boost engagement

Risk Management

Well-planned strategy and action plan to mitigate project risk for a successful implementation

User Expectation Management

Change is perceived as a challenge by many people. We help to build confidence among users and prepare them to adopt a new way of working without any hassle.

Project Management

Experienced project manager who takes care of the project to free you up to stay focus with your business and operation

Maintenance & Ongoing Support

Preventative maintenance and hand-holding support to ensure a 100% smooth operation

Documentation and Report

Well-organized post-implementation documentation and report giving end users a good start to master the new system

Backup Run-time Power Planning

Ensure business continuity by protecting critical servers from physical power-loss, a very common practice that overlooked by SME

Server Room and Rack-space Design

Building a safe, secure and user-friendly server room with optimal rack-space design that increases power efficiency and reduces space-cost.

Industries that We Serve

Media and Entertainment

Small to large scale render farm; Network Attached Storage (NAS) that delivering 1000 – 5000MB/s++ performance

From video production and animation rendering to global transfer of large media files (50GB-1TB per file), we have proven track records and trusted by many big industry players.

Architecture, Design and Engineering

Application servers, IT assets management and Data Leak Prevention (DLP)

Customers trust our managed service to safeguard their data from malicious attacks or stealing; We speed up the IT auditing process by introducing task automation and centralized management tool sets.


Real-time visualization and HPC cluster

From single GPU workstation or virtual workstation to multi-nodes HPC cluster, our system powered up real-time visualization and simulation test with the highest possible performance that delivers great ROI.

Software Development

Web/Mobile app for e-commerce, supply chain tracking and IoT

We provide customization and integration that tailored to your business needs, build on top of open source or ready-made solutions that already have proven use cases in the same line of business as yours. This enables a speedy development, shorter go-live time frame and more stable deployment with lesser bugs.

Finance and Law Firm

Secure file sharing, ransomware protection and Data Leak Prevention (DLP)

Our file sharing solution features military-grade encryption, sandbox file sharing mechanism and complete visibility of audit trail. Enhanced with multiple layers of ransomware protection and a GDPR-compliance data leak prevention solution that enables a safe environment for everyone in your organization yet ensuring no compromise on productivity.

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