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In today world, technology is changing the way work is done and has became the backbone of every business. Similar to yours, many companies are making major investments in technology, hoping to achieve a giant leap in business performance.

None-the-less, a lot of business leaders have overlooked that a renewed scope of work and skillsets are required for existing workforce. If you’re facing challenges in transforming your existing workforce to adopt the new technology that just implemented, we at Robust HPC could helps.

We understand that many times this challenge is not limited to veterans in a company, nor is it restricted to non-knowledge workers alone. Sometimes key managerial persons could be disconnected from the new technology-based pipeline too.

To overcome this, we deliver skills training and mindset transformation courses that accelerate your company endeavor in technology adoption, enabling your workforce to evolve at a rapid pace, equipping them with new technology-driven abilities and skills to excel in a digital workplace and hence delivering high productivity, optimal team efficiency and strong business results for your organization.


Case Study

A very common example is the adoption of CRM, in which experienced sales person might be reluctant to keying data or reporting status in a CRM system. The major problem is they find it insecure to share their exclusive sales contact with the team, follow by thinking that sales automation reduced human interaction which is their key success factor to maintaining a good client relationship.

An effective way to change their mindset is to educate and show them the ability of the system to securely limit the access of data by role-based permission, which could be applied to individual users or groups.

They would also learn about sales automation is just a tool to help them getting things done efficiency. High level of personalization of content is always possible and they still stay in control. Automation offloads tedious task of sending email and let them have more time to focus more on interaction with clients.

Enterprise IT Course

Cloud File Sharing for Business User

Learn how to effectively use cloud storage such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive across your organization yet maintaining strong security and permission in file sharing.

For: Director, Manager, Team Leader.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Learn the world most popular enterprise Linux and earn yourself an Red Hat certification.

For: System Administrator.

Active Directory Workshop

Learn the practical knowledge how to to setup an Active Directory using Microsoft Windows Server.

For: System Administrator.

Computer Graphics Course

V-Ray Network Render

Learn how to setup scheduled and distributed network render with Vray. Applicable to 3dsmax and Maya.

For: 3D Generalist, Lighting Artist.

Autodesk 3dsmax Fundamental

Get yourself ready to create a render in 3dsmax within 24-hours.

For: Interior Designer, Contractor, High School Graduates, Hobbyist.

Network Sharing for CG Studio

Learn how to configure your network share for a render farm. Topics covering create/modify/delete share folder, user/group permission and folder structure design for the ease of backup.

For: Studio Manager, System Administrator, Producer, 3D Generalist, Team Leader.