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Paying for Something You Don't Need?

If we put an eye on the market today, there’s already an endless array of software systems and tools available today to vast business needs: from Scheduling tools, Communication apps, Project Management software all the way to Enterprise File and Sharing Solutions (EFSS). Irrespective of your company or team focus, there’s certainly a product that will suit your needs.

“Many customers are overpaying for features that they don’t need or even paying for something that doesn’t work in their environment.”

These are some of the common issues you may be facing now:

  • Having too many tools to maintain and pay for?
  • Companies pay for software that nobody’s using?
  • Time-consuming by switching between different systems?
  • Teams working in different tools cannot collaborate effectively?
  • The learning curve is too steep and takes effort to grasp on, hence, people go back to their old habits?
  • Difficult to access data across the organisation when information is spread over various platforms?

How to Choose the Best Among the Many?

At Robust HPC, our consultants are always thriving to assist you, our customer, to find out your respective needs before making purchasing decisions. Below is a quick EFSS comparison of Microsoft 365, EasiShare and our own solution, ROBUSTshare. Each solution offers unique features that could cater to the business needs of different segments.

If the table above has yet to help you in making a decision, do not worry. You can view here for a deeper dive into the features or simply contact our consultants for successful stories. We have helped many customers identified the right solution based on their current needs and received a 97% customer satisfaction with the outcome.

We aim to provide you maximum productivity and security at an affordable rate.

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