Unlimited Users . Secure Data Access Everywhere

Just How Much Storage Do You Really Need?

In average, a whole year worth of documents generally takes up less than 5GB space per user. In fact, many people including us, do not realise we don’t consume as much space as we’ve thought when we’re dealing with documentation only. Some people may find it difficult to estimate the storage space their businesses needed since different individuals have various ways of storing and organising files. And we’re here to offer a cost-effective solution for that:

Securely access and share data. Anytime. Anywhere.

provides a centralised managed file sharing & secure sync platform that comes with unlimited users at no additional cost. Users can quickly find and share the files they need, whether shared by others or created themselves. With features like password protection, link expiration, anonymous and full access sharing, files are managed accordingly. That’s how secure and powerful ROBUSTshare is!

Powerful Sharing

ROBUSTshare makes it easy, flexible and secure, whether your team roam one office floor or different continents. You’re able to send out password-protected sharing links with expiration dates.

Work Anywhere

Need safe and easy access to relevant files from the office, your home or a public café? ROBUSTshare provides cross-platform support from Windows, macOS, Linux, Web-app all the way to iOS and Android.

Unlimited Users

ROBUSTshare offers cloud storage cater to your requirements for your dedicated users with no upper limit. Compared to other cloud services, business owners only need to focus solely on storage.

Digital Collaboration

Digital collaboration is easier than ever with multiple integrations including Collabora Online and Microsoft 365 to boost productivity while keeping it easy, secure and compliant.

End-to-End Encryption

To maintain the highest security standards, users data is encrypted before it leaves the user’s workstation and is decrypted on the recipient’s workstation using AES-256 for files, RSA-2048 for file keys.

Ransomware Protection

To counter these attacks, ROBUSTshare Ransomware Protection App protects companies by blocking uploaded files known to originate from ransomware to preserver original, unaffected files in the cloud server.

Large Attachments

Never worry about sending large email attachments again. Share files using ROBUSTshare helps send a private link in the email or share documents directly with your recipients – they’ll be notified automatically.

Files Drop

This feature allows anonymous users to drag a file into the upload-only interface and drop it. The file will be uploaded to ROBUSTshare as an excellent and fast way to upload files in a controlled and secure manner.

8x5 L1 & L2 Support

An alternative to getting quick support via a well-organized support ticketing system managed by our Robust HPC experts.

Storage Pay-as-you-Go?

“Pay only what you need”

Sometimes subscribers are being shoved with a huge chunk of storage space that they will not be able to fill up in the next couple of years based on their work nature and consumption habits. So why pay for something that you’re unable to leverage every month?

With ROBUSTshare, there is no limit other than the size of your file storage you subscribed for. No matter how big your file is, or how many people you share with, ROBUSTshare will serve its users the data they need at lightning speed, saving you up to 72% of storage cost every year.

Market Comparison

Our price beats any other cloud-storage platforms on the market without any compromise on both features and reliability.


ROBUSTshare is hosted on trusted public cloud service provider – AWS and Azure while actively monitored by our specialists to address any of your concerns on data security and sovereignty. Alternatively, we can also deploy the ROBUSTshare on your on-premises server, giving you full control over the solution.

Optional Backup

When it comes to protecting important files, businesses can never be too safe. Unexpected events like thievery, cyberattacks or natural disasters could wipe out your data infrastructure, leaving your business paralyzed. As such, Robust HPC also offers backup as an add-on service to protect your data hosted on ROBUSTshare. On top of that, we also safeguard your endpoints via optional hybrid backupanti-malware and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions to prevent such incidents. Contact our consultants to learn more.

Key Functionalities

Powerful Sharing

Frictionless Access to Existing Storage

ROBUSTshare offers an enterprise file sync and sharing solution that allows users to access company files on any device, anytime, from anywhere. IT can also manage, control and audit file sharing activity to ensure security and compliance measures are met by using a single front-end to all of your disparate systems.

By connecting ROBUSTshare to existing storage in the enterprise, such as S3, Windows network drives and SharePoint servers, ROBUSTshare can operate as a single point of access to files across the enterprise.

Digital Collaboration

Re-defining Modern Workplaces

Increased mobility and the rapid development of IT technologies have already significantly changed the nature of collaboration. ROBUSTshare offers flexible solutions to organizations that need to share sensitive data internally and externally.

With functionalities such as collaborative editing, federated cloud sharing, and data infrastructure modernization, ROBUSTshare is able to facilitate digital collaboration and increase productivity for your organisation.

Comprehensive Security Controls

Security is about providing a Performant, Safe and Compliant Solution

With ROBUSTshare, we take security very seriously and we know that it encompasses broad considerations, processes and technologies.  ROBUSTshare installs in your data center; managed by you, to your policies, following your procedures. Below are some of the features provided in ROBUSTshare:

• User Control / File-level Permissions
• File Firewall
• File Integrity Checking
• Virus Scan / Ransomware Protection
• 2-Factor Authentication
• End-to-End Encryption
• Auditability / Logging; and more

External Storage

Leveraging External Storage Across Various Platforms

Most businesses already have storage systems, servers, private cloud management tools, log managers, backup tools and other systems deployed in their infrastructure. With ROBUStshare, the choice is yours.

ROBUSTshare supports Linux-based SAN, NAS, direct-attached, virtual, or even software-defined storage. You can also leverage storage that already exists such as FTP, Swift, S3, Dropbox and other choices with ROBUSTshare to isolate the most sensitive data on-premises while storing your less sensitive data in the cloud based on your chosen security and governance policies.