Enterprise IT

Highly acclaimed for implementing enterprise solutions that leads to greater success of our customers.

We begin our involvement as earlier as in the idea stage, which allows us to identify your actual needs and do meticulous planning together before we start sourcing for the right solution. This practice helps to mitigate risk and increase your project success rate.

This page gives you an overview of the solutions we are excellence at.

Managed Hybrid Backup

A simple and cost-effective Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution. It protects your critical business data by creating on-premise and cloud backup with compression and encryption. Support Azure Blob, AWS S3 and many of the cloud storage.

Managed Hybrid Cloud

Improve agility with reduced operation costs by bursting your workloads to Azure. From migration of existing resources to creation of new one, Robust HPC managed service helps you handle all tasks with ease.

All-Flash Storage

Low latency, high-throughput storage system for your ERP, CRM, SAP, AI/Machine Learning and virtualization workloads.

Server & Virtualization

Deploying essential business servers i.e. Domain Controller, Active Directory, Application servers in on-premise VMware or Azure cloud environment.

Ransomware Protection

Our solution features two layers of detection and protection – infrastructure layer and endpoint layer.

Data Leak Prevention with GDPR Compliance

Delivers immediate and real protection against data leaks to business clients.

High-speed Files Transfer to China and the World

Being able to transfer file quickly across the globe is crucial for international business players and multinational company. However, not every ISP offers uncontrolled bandwidth or internet access, which leads to data transferring suffers from unacceptable low transfer speed.

RaySync is an unmatched solution to such a challenge. By deploying RaySync, you could establish a secure virtual private network that enables high speed and large files transfer across different countries. It comes with a user-friendly user interface that works like any other file sharing solution such as Dropbox and Box.

RaySync is 100% delivered through our partners’ network. You may get your preferred IT solution provider to work with us for a successful implementation.

Safetica Screenshots

Data Loss Prevention with GDPR compliance

Robust HPC has two approaches for an effective Data Loss Prevention:

For enterprise customers where GDPR compliance is a must, we work with Safetica, a renowned European data loss prevention software vendor to provide protection of data at endpoint level, preventing erroneous or malicious actions which might lead to sensitive files leaving a company. In addition to that, Safetica can also identify wasted cost connected with low work productivity, ineffective use of software licenses or wasted prints.

For customers with complicated data types or without IT security compliance team, we used our own server technology that built on open source technologies to enable secure internet browsing with three modes of data access, with all files activities being monitored:

  1. Allow incoming and outgoing data
  2. Allow only incoming data
  3. Allow only outgoing data

ESET Administrator Screenshot

Cyber Attack Protection with No Compromise to Performance

Our solution features three layers of detection and protection – cloud, infrastructure and endpoint layer.
  • Cloud layer prevents attacks such as DDoS to your app service.
  • Infrastructure layer prevents unauthorized access to the company network.
  • Endpoint layer protects threats from within the company network.

Two of the key features that made us stand out of the crowd:

  1. No slowing down of endpoint performance;
  2. Fully customizable protection policies that fine-tuned to meet your requirements.

Robust Managed Platform9 Screenshot

Managed Kubernetes and OpenStack

Robust HPC provides managed OpenStack platform that delivers self-service catalogs and portal for your DevOps team, allowing speedy provisioning of resources within a few minutes and free-up your IT infrastructure team to focus on high value projects and management tasks.

Traditionally, IT infrastructure team has been worrying about self-servicing because over-commitment of hardware resources could happen anytime. With the hybrid cloud ability of our managed platform, this is no longer a challenge because any surge demand could be offloaded to the public cloud automatically, and IT infra team can manage it via a single pane of glass.

We understand that some IT infra teams are skeptical about OpenStack deployment, we encourage you to contact us to learn about how OpenStack deployment and updates could be risk-free and hassle-free with a production-proven automated workflow.

Reliable Tech Support

You get access to dedicated support personnel who could handle issue independently.

Vendor Independent Solution

We don't sell a specific brand and vendor solution. We provide solutions that best-fit to your requirements.

Seamless Handover

We provide 3 to 6 months managed service before handling over to your internal team. This ensure your team to have enough time getting proficient with the newly implemented solution.

Customized Integration

We have software team to customize and integrate a solution seamlessly into your environment.