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Fake Windows Update Installs Ransomware on PCs

One such campaign claims to be from Microsoft, advising people to update Windows, but doing so will install ransomware on a computer. Researchers from Trustwave’s SpiderLabs discovered the spam emails, which come with an 'Install Latest Microsoft Windows Update now!' or 'Critical Microsoft Windows Update!’ subject line. Microsoft, of course, doesn’t send out Windows updates through email. The messages contain just one sentence, [...]

Avoid downloading these 42 malicious android apps which infect millions

  With the development of technology, several security issues have also boosted in recent years. But if you are an Android user then you have to be more careful before downloading any app from the Google Play Store. Recently it was revealed that dozens of apps have been removed from the Play Store as they had used adware. These apps [...]

How ESET Can Protect Your Organisation

  Reasons to Choose ESET ESET Business Solution provides you with a simple and straightforward way to help mix and match your endpoint protection according to your needs while deploying it on a range of platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux & Android). ESET is designed with ease of use that allows you to easily deploy, configure, and manage your security software from [...]