What’s New on EasiShare (v9.0.3)?

What’s New on EasiShare (v9.0.3)?


We will be performing a required upgrade on our backend servers to support the new features
that we will be releasing on 15 June 2019.

To enjoy these new features, please upgrade your Client Apps (Desktop) after 15 June.

We always strive to make your experience with EasiShare even better.
Enjoy our latest updates!

What’s new on EasiShare? (v9.0.3)


EasiShare Web

Recipient Import and Export

EasiShare Web allows users to import multiple recipient names, emails and mobile phone numbers from a CSV file (template can be downloaded from the export button).

Recipient Import and Export


EasiShare Desktop

Download Attempt Limit

EasiShare Desktop now allows you to limit the number of download attempts. With this feature, you will have control of how many times an external party can download the shared document.

Download Attempt Limit



Find necessary information faster and easier with “zoom in and out” and “fit to width” functions in a document preview mode. Save your time by previewing different sheets of an excel document as different tabs without a need to download the file.



EasiShare Admin Portal

Manual Refresh – Group Management

With the newly added refresh button on “Drives” and “Members” pages under “Group Management”, EasiShare administrators can easily update the new AD Group user immediately instead of waiting for the next update check.

Group Management




We have improved the sync function of EasiShare to have a much smoother and faster user experience.

Password Policy

We have improved the password policy for more secure logins. Users will not be able to use common patterns (such as “username123”).


We are working very hard to make your everyday life much easier.

Keep an eye out for the new features!

See the full list of new features, fixes and improvements


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