What’s New on EasiShare?

What’s New on EasiShare?

What’s new on EasiShare? (v9.1.0)

We always strive to make your experience with EasiShare even better!

Mobile Brand New Look

We are very excited about EasiShare mobile applications’ brand new look! EasiShare app has been redesigned for you to have an effortless and seamless digital workplace experience. With its new minimalistic, clean and easy to adapt design, EasiShare makes all mobile app users’ life much easier.

We’ve been looking forward to seeing all Favorites in one place so that you can access your most-used folders in fewer clicks. Also with the new UI, you can easily track your shared documents in Shared In and Shared Out folders while you seamlessly manage your settings and drives.


























EasiShare Web

Right Permissions to Right People

 Giving permission for managed folders is much easier! If you are not sure if an “author” has a permission to share the whole folder or if a “reader” can delete a file or not, from now on, you won’t need to break a sweat. We’ve added a tooltip for you in EasiShare, so that you can assign right permissions to the right people! 


Clear Temporary Files in Server

With the newly added clear temporary file prompt, end users can clear the temporary files held on the server even before the files are automatically cleared.


EasiShare Admin Portal

Import AD Users with Department

AD users can now be grouped by their department while being imported to EasiShare which makes the lives of your EasiShare administrators much easier.

We are working very hard to make your everyday life much easier.
                             Keep an eye out for the new features!


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