GigaIO fully automates on-premise bare-metal cloud-class infrastructure, delivering higher throughput at a fraction of the cost.

GigaIO’s game-changing FabreX™ technology unlocks the next generation of data center rack-scale solutions, bringing the ability to orchestrate ANY Compute, Acceleration (CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, ASICs), Storage, Memory (3D-XPoint) or Networking resource for any workload using an Enterprise-Class, Easy-To-Use and Open Standards high-performance network.

How it works

Rack-Scale Composable Infrastructure

From FASTQ to Binary Alignment Map (BAM) to VCF, NVIDIA accelerates genomics analysis for somatic, germline and structural variant workflows, as well as improving sequencer speeds and consensus read base calling accuracy.

Rack-Scale Composable Infrastructure

GigaIO is the industry’s only open and comprehensive composable infrastructure solution.


GigaIO’s Products

FabreX TM 软件

Our host software enables server-to-server communication over FabreX for protocols such as NVMe-oF, MPI, Libfabric, and TCP/IP. It is open-source, supports all popular Linux installations and can be readily downloaded from our support portal.

Our switch software engine drives the performance and dynamic composability of GigaIO’s composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI) for enterprise data centers and high-performance computing environments.


FabreX Switch

Together with our cards and cables, the FabreX Switch is the fundamental building block of the FabreX network for true CDI

Supports bandwidth up to 512Gb/s per port full duplex


Managed Accelerator Pooling Appliance

This expansion chassis is a rack-mount, disaggregated compute accelerator enclosure with space and power for up to 10 PCIe Gen 4 x16 accelerator cards.




The digitization of the real world opens the door to endless opportunities for helping to make everyday life better for all mankind through the incredible advances in Artificial Intelligence in all its forms.

The data sets are immense and making sense of the data requires building accurate neural networks that are constantly being tuned.

You need access to banks of GPUs and FPGAs and the fastest connections between them and storage.

However, this is an incredibly fast evolving environment and you need an infrastructure that is exceptionally agile, as you are one algorithm change away from having static hardware becoming obsolete.

FabreX gives you the performance you need and the agility that is essential. Pursue the leading edge in AI and we will help propel you there.


Some of its greatest features are:

A typical customer problem we solve:

You just spent $400K on a rack of servers with some expensive GPUs to solve your computational problem.

You don’t know it yet, but your GPUs are mostly sitting idle, even with your finely tuned models and lots of developer time in optimization.

GigaIO solves this problem with FabreX, the highest performance, lowest latency rack-scale network on the planet.

In one side by side test for a customer, a rack built with FabreX, ran the same customer weekly workload with 16 GPUs instead of the 32 initially deployed.

The result is a system that costs 30% less to purchase, and to operate, and saves 5kW of energy as a bonus.


Why Pay More and Get Less?

Actual Case Study:
8 workgroups, using GPUs, 150 mixed jobs per week.

Ability to use less expensive servers to manage your GPUs

Protected investment: Separate obsolescence and depreciation schedules for servers and accelerators

No forklift upgrade to incorporate the latest GPUs or FPGAs

Future-proofing: Less risk of your entire system becoming obsolete as your AI algorithms change

Decreased upgrade costs: upgrade only the resources you need to, with no change to applications

Decreased admin costs: no rewiring/reinstall

Composable Infrastructure Solution

The Industry’s Only Open and Comprehensive Composable Infrastructure Solution

Lowest latency and highest rack-level bandwidth

– PCIe throughout

– Bandwidth to 256Gb/sec (Gen 4 half duplex)

– Adapter card latency 100 nsec

– Switch latency 150 nsec

Total end to end latency 350 nsec

Fully managed environment for full visibility and monitoring and control of all resources

– Full telemetry data throughout the network

– Leading BMC

– Managed enclosures,

– Auto-discovery throughout the network

Standards-based open platform for no vendor lock-in

– Full RedFish APIs

– PCIe

– NVMe-oF


Tight integration with certified ready-to-run enterprise-class orchestration

– Award-winning, full enterprise capability

– Full orchestration

– Create virtual servers on the fly

– Military level security

– Sophisticated access control


GigaIO Datasheet


GigaIO™ FabreX™ with NVMe-oF

Case Studies

Case Studies

FabreX Native PCIe Network Optimizes Performance of Composable Infrastructure and NVMe-oF Architecture

PCIe Fabric Unleashes GPU Performance and Scale for Medical AI Training and Inference Applications

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